Surge protection

OBO Bettermann – surge protection

System overview energy technology If a building that is protected by a lightning conductor is struck by lightning directly, dangerous fire and damage can occur between the building and the systems leading into it (power supply, data cables) due to large potential differences. Lightning nearby can cause damage to electronic equipment through magnetic coupling. But also lightning striking up to 2 km away can still lead dangerous energy into the building. OBO offers everything that you need for the installation of a secure safety concept: lightning protection, surge protection, equipotential bonding and earthing.

How this online tool helps you to plan your project.

Project planning This Online-Tool helps you to choose the suitable surge protection systems and their configuration for your individual project. It also tells you about the OBO surge protection systems. You can quickly, efficiently and precisely compile your personal list of materials, configuration plan and tender text for the entire surge protection system covering the areas of energy technology, photovoltaics, telecommunications, instrumentation, control and automation technology, TV, HF as well as data technology. You can also conveniently export the data into an Excel format for further processing.